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The history of our school.


The beginnings of our school date back to the year 1945. For the first year the lessons were conducted in a building in Wolsztyńska Street (nowadays, the building of primary school no 2), with 40 students attending school. Then it was moved to a building in Matejki Street, where it has been situated till today. In 1969 the school was given the name of Tomasz Zan (a well-known Polish poet of the nineteenth century). From 1981 to 1998 the building was shared with primary school no 5. Nowadays it is occupied by the secondary school only. In 1996 the Association of Middle and Secondary School Graduates was set up and has been cooperating with our school until now.


Our students, teachers and resources.


The number of students attending our school oscillates around 400. The students come from Wschowa, Leszno, Wolsztyn, and Góra municipalities. The average number of students in a class is 29.

In comparison with 1990s, the number of students attending our school has rapidly increased. It is impossible, however, to accept more students as we have a limited number of classrooms. The growing interest in attending our school is caused by a varied choice of sections introduced and high outcomes in external exams.

Lessons are conducted in three buildings comprising 18 classrooms, including IT rooms. In addition, there is a library, a TV room, an assembly hall and a gym. There are also sports fields, including a football pitch, a running track and a long-jump track.

We employ 34 teachers,1 of them has a PhD and 32 teachers have a Master's degree. There are also 9 administrative workers and attendants (3 accountants, a secretary, a caretaker and 4 cleaners).


Educational offer.


Our school is a 3-year secondary school offering education in the following sections: IT-mathematics, European, ecological, humanities and business-German, depending on demand.

Foreign modern languages such as English, German and Russian are taught in groups depending on the advancement level.




Subjects conducted on advanced level



IT, Mathematics, Physics



History, Geography, English



Polish, History



Biology, Chemistry



Mathematics, Geography, German with business studies


Extra-curricular classes:

    • subject classes: Polish, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Biology, English, WOS (Citizenship studies), Business Studies,sports-defensive classes, basketball, volleyball, football, shooting classes, drama club, poetry workshops, choir, Maths, History,and gym



Students' Future


Our school teaches students how to plan their future and how to be successful in life.

Particular attention should be drawn to the School Career Centre (SzOK). The primary objectives of the center are:

  • planning students' educational path,

  • planning students' own career,

  • operating on the job market,

  • individual and group counseling.

Together with the career centre our teachers have organized the School Club of Professional Activity (SKAZ). During the club meetings teenagers learn more about themselves, their strong points, job-oriented qualities, jobs, and ways of possible future education.


Cooperation with Universities and other schools


We have been cooperating with various higher schools and universities as well as schools abroad through the EU programmes (eTwinning and Comenius-first steps in the field). We take part in open lectures at Poznań and Wrocław Universities, The Higher School of Banking in Poznań, and the Higher School of Arts and Journalism in Poznań. Moreover, we participate in Educational Fairs organized by higher schools.

In 2006/7 school year we started cooperation in an eTwinning program, which is a European Union coodinated program for school cooperation via the Internet. Our partner schools come from Greece (3rd Lyceum of Keratsini) and Italy (Instituto di Istruzione Superiore Statale ‘'Marco Polo" w Colico).

Students' activity


There are 3 main fields of students' activity:

    • Students' Council,

    • school magazine/school website,

    • voluntary work..

Our students also have the possibility to develop their interests, to mention only few:

  • musical interests - in our school choir,

  • drama skills - in the school drama club called "W Zanadrzu", previously called "Coincidence"; which took part in the Voivodship Amateur Theatres' Contest in Zielona Góra ( in 2002 they were given a recognition award and in 2004 they won one out of five first-place awards), their activity and high level of performance guarantees full audience every time they stage a play,

  • sports - during our sports-recreational classes,

  • sports-defensive - during after-school classes ( many prizes on shooting and archery contests on different levels from local to nationwide),

  • connected with particular subjects - studying literature, culture, languages, economy ( e.g. taking part in nationwide internet contests such as Business Junior 2005 and School Internet Stock Exchange Game).


Special events in our school calendar


Organizing school events is a tradition and fosters the feeling of unity, reminds the importance of the Polish history and awakes patriotism and tolerance.


Annual events:

    • Independence Day,

    • Constitution Day (3rd May),

    • The Festival of Tomasz Zan (the patron of our school),

    • Christmas nativity play,

    • Prom party,

    • the graduates' farewell meeting,

    • AIDS Day,

    • Earth Day,

    • Clean Up the World,

    • "Open Door" Day,

    • Language Tournament ( in English, German and Russian),

    • Reading Contest,

    • the beginning and end of school year.


Student Support Policy


The areas of student support policy are compiled in The School Upbringing Scheme. The changes made in the plan follow new ideas and regulations in the fields of education and legislation. Our priority is to generate a well-understood culture of a young person's freedom by creating the atmosphere of mutual understanding and friendship connected with consistent demands. We believe that we can successfully participate in the program of dealing with teenagers' problems and their development.

The above mentioned policy is the outcome of students', parents' and teachers' mutual work.

The program covers:

    • section 1- school management tasks and school traditions,

    • section 2- cooperation with the local community,

    • section 3- cooperation with parents,

    • section 4- encouraging the development of students.


Cooperation with parents


The cooperation of the Parents' Council, the Principals and the teachers is based on an annually changed plan of cooperation, which includes:

    • regular meetings with parents,

    • types of meetings- group and individual ones,

    • phone calls and the exchange of information in a written form,

    • parents' participation in the organization of school events,

    • co-compilation of the school financial plan and the School Performance Plan,

    • acknowledging school's activity in diverse fields,

    • organizing fund-raising school events.

Teachers' Council


The Teachers' Council is a group of people who are eager to cooperate in a friendly atmosphere. The teachers work in:

    • subject teams: mathematics- environmental, humanities, foreign languages and sports-defensive,

    • the Head Teachers' Council,

    • the scholarship committee.

The teachers eagerly approve of the Principals' initiative and often suggest interesting solutions to the problems our school faces every day. Moreover, all our teachers give a lot of attention to their professional development.


School's accomplishments

Students as well as our school as a whole, participate in many competitions and contests.

In 2001 our school participated in a nationwide Internet competition "Interschool - the school of the future". We won the second prize, the first prize was not given then to any school.

In 2003/2004 school year our school took part in a nationwide program called ‘Top School', which is a special program for schools that want to be recognized as best schools in Poland. We were obliged to fulfill certain conditions to meet the requirements. At the end of the school year we were acknowledged as one of top schools in Poland. Thanks to the title we joined the Academy of Top Schools and the information about the project can be found at the address www.gazeta.pl/klasa.

During the school year many school, local, municipal, regional, voivodship (province) and nationwide contests are organized in our school. Our students have succeeded in many of them some of them on the highest level. Among others, students participate in such competitions as:

  • the International Foreign Languages/Maths Competition "Test Oxford Plus",

  • IT-Foreign Languages Contest "Pupilpower",

  • Catholic Theology Competition,

  • Missionary Competition on Africa,

  • Marine Competition,

  • Shooting and Archery Contests,

  • festivals for singers,

  • IT competitions of different types,

  • Language Tournament (in English, German and Russian),

  • School Reading Contest in English,

  • sports competitions.